This week just gets better and better for the latest Amiga news stories, as thanks to a heads up from a good friend of ours on the EAB forums, we’ve been told that Brick Nash is working on an enhanced version of the 1991 US GOLD published Beat ’em up of ‘Final Fight’ for the Amiga; A game which even today is regarded as not that great in the Amiga community. Here’s just some examples (link) – “A true arcade hit that on Amiga became a true failure” and “This suffered pretty much the same fate as the Street Fighter II Amiga port. CPS1 games were just really poorly translated onto the Amiga”.

While the enhanced version is looking far better than the original Amiga one so far with improved colours, smooth frame rates and the source being completely new and done 100% in assembly language. The developer does state that not only is this a preview of the game, it’s only one level and two enemies, it only runs on a 68020 setting at the moment, has a number of issues such as dumb AI,  still working on figuring out disk routines/loaders etc and he is taking just a short break from the game as he has been learning Assembly language last summer! So yes certainly one to keep an eye on throughout 2022!

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