The Atari XL/XE games just keep on coming, as thanks to another heads up earlier today from our good friend Saberman, he has told us that Bill Kendrick has made available a beta version of his new twin-stick firefighting action game for the Atari XL/XE called Firefighter. A new game in which you need to not only put out the fires at an industrial building, but you must also find and rescue the workers trapped inside. To coincide with this news, we also have some footage of the beta version viewable below.

Photosensitive readers beware of Flashing!

Here is what the website says about the game in brief “You control a firefighter with an unlimited amount of fire extinguishing agent. Spray the fire to quench it, but beware because it spreads quickly! Find the workers trapped in the room, and help them navigate to the exit. They are overcome by smoke and fear, and will wander aimlessly unless you are close by to guide them. They can perish if they end up too close to a large fire. When fire spreads to oil barrels or gas leaking from pipes it will cause an explosion, spreading even more fire. Beware of chain reactions!”

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