The Atari Lynx was a big, bulky bad boy of a handheld back in the day and despite having better visuals than the Game Boy and the Game Gear, it just never resonated the same way as those other on-the-go consoles. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun games on it. 

Check them out for yourself.

Cyberball: One of the most underrated football franchises ever is pretty fun to play on the Lynx. You’ll dig the crazy gameplay that absolutely inspired Madden and countless others.

Toki: There are better versions of this one out there, but to see this running on a handheld is a feat.

Hockey: Essentially a port of TV Sports Hockey on the TG16, this one may be the best sports game on the console.

Super Off-Road: This arcade classic holds up well on the Lynx.

Raiden: Games like this were made for the Lynx. It’s fast and smooth and great on the go.

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