Comic Book characters are all the rage now, but they’ve been playing an impact on video games forever. Despite that, not every super hero has a game- and not every one will.

Here’s our list of five characters who deserved their own retro games.

The Maxx: Sam Keith’s series was massively influential and beautiful. It would have made an awesome retro game. In the ‘90s, this would have made total sense.

Wonder Woman: This one just doesn’t make sense. Why isn’t there a solo Wonder Woman game on a 16 or 8-Bit console?

Green Lantern: Hal Hordan or Kyle Rayner. It doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t have taken a film for Green Lantern to get his own solo game.

Fantastic Four: They are one of Marvel’s greatest teams, but have a terrible legacy in video games. They could have had a wonderful shot at changing that if they had a side-scrolling beat-em-up during the SNES/Genesis era.

Ghost Rider: Another wonderful character who deserves a better history in video games. Combine Road Rash and Streets of Rage and a Ghost Rider game could have been amazing during the 16-Bit era.

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