The Nintendo Switch has proven itself as a venerable next-generation console thanks to the hybrid gaming experience it provides, but it’s also one that pays serious homage to classic franchises. Whether it’s the Nintendo Online service or the bevy of remastered ports and retro collections, it’s a place where any Old School Gamer can get their fix.

In this exclusive Old School Gamer Magazine list, we break down five franchises that would absolutely thrive as a collection on the Nintendo Switch.

Ninja Gaiden: This could encompass all of the games on the Xbox as well as the NES and SNES. it would be amazing. Known for its awesome gameplay, music and story, it would serve to be a wonderful reintroduction of the series to the masses.

Earthbound: Fans of the “Mother” series would eat this up. While Earthbound is available digitally on the Wii U, the other games in the series deserve some love as well.

Fire Pro Wrestling: The Switch is absolutely starved for sports games, especially wrestling games. Why not bring back a franchise that redefined the gameplay, story and depth of the genre? With a litany of games in the franchise, this could be a ton of fun too.

Max Payne: LA Noire plays beautifully on the Switch, so why not put Max Payne I and II together on one cart? Rockstar needs a bigger presence on the Switch and this could be a great way for that to become a reality.

Metroid: Who knows when the next Metroid game will be available on the Switch? Until then, a collection of Metroid, Metroid II and Super Metroid would be an awesome fan to reinvigorate the franchise before a new installment is released.

Do you have a game franchise you’d love to see released in a collection? Sound off in the comments section below.


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