Pokemon Sword and Shield are the newest games in the Pokemon series, filled with a ton of new things to do and obviously, new pocket monsters to catch. But what if you haven’t been around for the past few games? Why should you jump in, all over again, on a new console? In this exclusive Old School Gamer Magazine list, we share five new Pokemon that quickly made us feel like we were holding an original Game Boy again.


The electric dog is adorable and serves a purpose, thanks to solid speed, attack power and plenty of enemies it can exploit. Able to be caught early in the game as well, it has the potential to be on your team from virtually the start of the game in its involved form.

Who It Will Remind You Of?

A mixture of Growlithe (with electric ability, instead of fire) and Raichu.

Why is it Cool?

Its design is simplistic, from the lightning bolt tail and big smile. Simply put, it’s one of the best-looking designs in the new Pokemon game.


This wrestling Octopus isn’t available until later in the game, but excellent Attack and Defense make it a Pokemon that’s incredibly useful in tough battles.

Who It Will Remind You Of:

Machamp. Just like the Goro-inspired fighter from the original game, Grapploct is tough and ready to fight.

Why is it Cool?

Its Octolock move is great for isolating Pokemon in tough trainer battles.


When people found out Linoone was getting a Galar-region exclusive evolution, no one was excited. But one look at his design and after some playtime with it, it’s a great overall pocket monster.

Who It Will Remind You Of: Gene Simmons from the legendary rock band KISS. Add in solid base stats and he’s more than great-looking though.

Why is it Cool?

His Obstruct maneuver, if used correctly, can open up an enemy Pokemon to a huge beatdown.


It’s almost like Turtonator and Blastoise had a baby in terms of design, but it’s ultimately something much different.

Who It Will Remind You Of:

Golem. High Attack and Defense and not a lot of Speed make it a Pokemon only veteran trainers will get the most out of, but his Water/Ground affiliations make it unique enough to play around with.

Why is it Cool?

It’s got a cool design, can learn a nice amount of moves and has a nice amount of power.


The fire starter in Sword and Shield is adorable early on, but eventually turns into a cocky, but assured soccer player by the time of its final evolution.

Who It Will Remind You Of:

Hitmonlee and Blaziken. While you could even make the case that it is Blaziken in Rabbit form,

Why is it Cool?

Cinderace’s soccer player design and cool Pyro Ball maneuver are never dull to look at.

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