Let’s face it- game developers have to manage a tough situation. While the need to share their art and experiences is always the most important thing, making money also plays a role. That’s the reason why the industry is flooded with sequels. However, as we all know, not all sequels are created equal.

In this exclusive Old School Gamer list, we share five game franchises that desperately need sequels.

Berzerk/Frenzy: Back when Alan McNeil captivated the world with Berzerk, the core gameplay was what made it so special. Imagine if McNeil was able to craft a story around a game that at one time, was the king of the arcades?

A Dennis Dyack-run production of Blood Omen: Everyone knows the story behind the original Blood Omen and what happened to the series after Dennis Dyack left. The series of sequels were fun and the franchise thrived financially, but they were never, ever even close to having the narrative and tone that Dyack and his team had in the original. It would be wonderful to see what that team could do with new technology.

Dark Cloud: Dark Cloud 2 stands as one of the PS2’s greatest RPGs. While Rogue Galaxy was a special game in itself, designed by essentially the same team, why hasn’t there been a sequel to Dark Cloud?

Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis: One of the best sports games ever and Rockstar’s first game on the 360, Table Tennis is still played to this day. So why not release a sequel?

Yars’ Revenge: Arguably the best original game on the Atari 2600, Yar’s Revenge remains as a classic that is beloved by fans. The Nintendo Switch would be a perfect console to explain the backstory and develop the wonderful shooting action further. While there are other versions of the game and “sequels” out there, lets set the record straight. No Yars’ game is a Yars’ game without Howard Scott Warshaw’s involvement.



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