Being forced to stay inside because of the Corona Virus is no joke as Federal restrictions have put bans on the number of people who can gather publicly, as well as closing places such as theaters and bars. With that being said, many are reconnecting with their old consoles and discovering games they missed or rediscovering games they loved.

Check out our list of awesome single-player experiences below for a great collection of games you don’t need to be around anyone else to enjoy.

Diablo: One of the most immersive hack and slash RPGs ever, play it on the PS1 if you have a near and dear.

Fallout 3: A compelling world, character customization, over 100 hours of total gameplay. Say goodbye to real life.

Pokémon Red and Blue: No online functionality, but all the trappings of the series. Add in that wonderful MissingNo glitch and the box trick and you’ve got so many ways to make a wonderfully strong team.

Animal Crossing: Tom Nook still has plenty of charm and the world is as vivid as ever. Enjoy this one before the one on Switch takes over your life.

Mega Man Legends: The first 3D Mega Man is super underrated and still holds up.

Did one of your favorite games miss our list? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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