We here at Old School Gamer Magazine love our Retro Games, but we’ve been thinking, what old games would make even better new games? Here’s our list.

Adventures of Lolo: This charming little puzzler and the father to the Kirby series would be a blast in 3D.

Silver Surfer: Just the remastered music would be amazing, but imagine, if you will, the side-scroller got turned into a third-person shooter, with Norrin Radd shooting projectiles while riding his surfboard through levels?!

Super Mario 3: This game in 3D and updated visuals would be awesome. Imagine flying through levels in 3D.

Operation Wolf: A first-person, rail shooter, in 3D? Oh yes.

Chrono Trigger: This with modern-day visuals would be a show-stealer.

Patrick Hickey Jr. Patrick Hickey Jr. (324 Posts)

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