With the Summer beginning to heat up, we here at Old School Gamer Magazine are searching through our manacles for forgotten treasures. On our hunt, we’ve come across a few games that desperately need a sequel.

Check em Out!:

MLBPA Bottom of the Ninth: Many Konami Sports games were blah. This one was totally iconic. The pitching and hitting engines were timeless. It deserves a comeback.

Powerslave: With killer narration, an awesome score and the Egyptian setting, this series needs to come back in the worst way. The remastered version just made it so much easier to want more.

Alundra: The sequel was fun, but we need more. They don’t make adventure RPGs like this anymore.

Rad Racer: This game was so ahead of its time. Would be a lot of fun to see what it would look and feel like on a current console.

Loaded: ReLoaded was cool, but a modernized bloody as hell top-down shooter is needed on nearly every console today.

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