The Sega Master System gets a lot of love outside the United States, but inside isn’t considered all that special. However, with a host of one-off titles and the beginnings of several future classic series, it’s an 8-Bit console worth investing in. 

Check out this exclusive Old School Gamer list for five titles you need to play now on Sega’s forgotten home console.

Master Of Darkness: It’s not Castlevania, but it’s damn good. A great score and some of the best box art on the console complete the package.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land: It’s not quite Monster World or Dragon’s Trap, but it built the foundation for what this series eventually became.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Yes, it’s on the Master System- and you need to play it.

Choplifter: This is the game that inspired the Strike series and it’s a legend in its own right. Play it.

Championship Hockey: EA actually made a hockey game on the Master System in 1992. It’s not great, but it gets ya thinking. 

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