The comic book world is always filled with What Ifs, but the video game world is, too. With a plethora of games hitting digital shelves every day on every console, AAA games and especially ones based on major licenses, take comic books for example, seem to slowed down considerably. Gone forever are the days when developers would take chances on a property and release original games on every console.

Remember the days when Spider-Man had different games on the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, NES and Game Boy , all at the same time? Those days are gone now and even though it’s hard to complain about comic book-inspired games today- especially considering how well they are done today- we can hope for a few new ones, right?

In this exclusive Old School Gamer list, we share our thoughts on five Marvel characters that would have amazing games, if they had an opportunity to see the light of day.

Venom: Let Donny Cates write the story and take us from the character’s origin to its wild state right now, with Knull and the entire Venomverse. It would be amazing.

Silver Surfer: Norrin Radd needs more than an incredibly hard NES game. The character deserves it. Plain and simple.

Moon Knight: This character has so much going for it psychologically, aesthetically and a video game would bring all of those qualities to the forefront. This would be an amazing Telltale-styled title. Considering how well they did with Batman, this would be a piece of cake.

John Walker: Imagine a Metal Gear type game with Walker hunting villains all over the world? You’d buy it.

Darkhawk: The cameos in here alone would make for a fun space opera.

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