The Nintendo Switch is a force of nature, but there are several notable holes in the console’s library. Old School Gamer’s Patrick Hickey Jr. shares his thoughts on what old first-party titles from Nintendo could be brought back to make millions of gamers happy.

Gyromite: This would be so much fun on the Switch, with two players. Add in a new design for your trusty robot friend and it practically sells itself.

Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball: Nintendo doesn’t make sports games anymore unless Mario is in them, but damn these were fun. With a huge lack of licensed sports games on the Switch, this would be awesome.

Star Tropics: Sure, there’s Zoda’s Revenge, but why can’t we see a remaster of the original game? We need to hit baddies with yo-yos again!

Solar Striker: This was easily one of the sexiest shooters on the Game Boy and it had a Bitcoin’ soundtrack. It deserves to be revisited in some way.

Pro Wrestling:
The Winner is You! We all know the game’s creator
Masato Masuda left Nintendo and helped build the Fire Pro Wrestling series into what it is today, but damn, if Nintendo could capture the magic of this on the Switch, it would be a blast.

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