The NHL series is one of the most important sports franchises ever. So why has it yet to appear on the Nintendo Switch? While that trend won’t change with the main series this season in NHL 21, or most likely ever, there’s virtually no reason why the game’s new pre-order bonus, NHL 94 Rewind, an updated rosters version of the classic, can’t come to the Switch.

Here are Five Reasons Why Rewind Must Hit the Switch at Some Point.

Brings a Revisited Classic to Nintendo’s Console: Nintendo has made a killing rereleasing “updated” versions of their classics on the Switch, so why can’t EA get in on the fun?

EA Needs to Make a Splash on the Switch: FIFA plays well on the console, but for the most part, EA has stayed away from the console. This would be a great entry point.

Little Work: There’s literally no reason why a port of a Sega Genesis game can’t work on a Nintendo Switch. It would probably take one programmer an afternoon to get done.

Solves Huge Problem on the Switch: A lack of hockey games (away from the awesome Super Blood Hockey) on the system ensures it would sell well.

Would Create a Market for Indie Hockey Games on the Switch: NHL 94 was a wonderful game because it invited millions of players to experience the sport for the first time. If it is released on the Switch, indie developers would be more likely to create their own hockey games for the console.

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