The Nintendo Switch is starved for Sports titles and especially hockey games- and Loren Lemcke’s Super Blood Hockey provides a wonderfully fun, retro experience with a ton of depth that old school fans of games the likes of NBA Jam, Blades of Steel and Ice Hockey will go insane for.

Here are five more reasons why Super Blood Hockey is our early pick for Indie Game of the year.

5: It’s Perfect on the Go: Featuring virtually no loading times, it’s super easy to jump in and out of the action.

4: Great Presentation: With its awesome retro score and Ice Hockey meets the first season of South Park visuals, you’ll instantly become entranced by the goings-on inside the rink.

3: Old- School A.I.: If you don’t understand hockey, you’ll have a tougher time here, but if you love the game, you’ll love this one.

2: Four-Player Local Co-Op: Simply put, this is the games best feature. Although a blast as a single-player game, being able to play with your friends is an amazing experience.

1: It’s Deep: The Franchise mode alone makes the game worth every penny and adds a layer of strategy to the hockey fun. With a separate challenge mode and an easy to jump in and out Exhibition mode, Super Blood Hockey is the best Sports title on the system next to Rocket League.


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