With remakes and remasters flooding the marketplace, Old School Gamer shares five franchises that would be a ton of fun with a fresh coat of paint, on a new console.

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Berzerk: The possibility of Coleco’s upcoming arcade mini-looks cool, as does what appears to be a video of it on the Intellivision Amico trailer, but a fresh take on the classic is something that would absolutely shake things up.

Joust: Could you imagine playing a 3D version of the classic combat platformer? It would be insane lining up your victims from across the level. No more fixed-screens and more like a third-person battle arena, it could take the feel of something like Rocket League and Twisted Metal into a fun new direction.

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Kung Fu: The side-scroller is still a fan favorite after all of these years and would be a great 3D beat-em-up. For the sheer reason of a lack of beat-em-ups on the market and Sega’s return of the Streets of Rage franchise, Nintendo could strike up a lot of interest in a Switch exclusive.

NHL 2K: Although not quite retro, it’s been almost ten years since the last console entry in 2K’s hockey series. It’s time. Bring it back. It’s missed.

The Strike Series: From Desert Strike, all the way to Nuclear Strike, EA had a wonderful franchise that they just killed for some reason. The arcade gameplay is tried and true and a new addition to the series definitely has a place in today’s market, especially on the Nintendo Switch or Intellivision’s Amico.

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