The video game industry sure has changed since the ‘70s and ‘80s right? With micro-transactions and DLC, games change throughout development and release- a far cry from the old days. In this exclusive list, we old birds at Old School Gamer share five things we’d love to see come back from the good old days.

Instruction Manuals: Remember when you could open up a game and read all about the story and even see messages from the creators? Yeah, that personal touch is missing today.

No DLC: Put everything in the game, Day One, thank you very much.

No Microtransactions: Don’t reward the player for spending more money- make them play.

Cheat codes: If they’re going to cheat, make it fun!

More Video Game Magazines: This is why Old School Gamer exists!

More Game Advertising in Comic Books and Other Media: Away from Nintendo and Sony, where are all the video game commercials and ads anymore?

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