Superheroes are everywhere and have been involved in video games since the beginning of the industry. That doesn’t mean every character has gotten a fair shake though. Check out our list to see which of your favorites deserves better video game treatment.

Aquaman: The TDK published GameCube game needs a ton of work. That character could have delivered something special. It could have been Ecco the Dolphin meets Treasure of the Deep.

Punisher: There are a few fun games based on Frank Castle, but a new one would be great.

Wolverine: We’re hoping the upcoming one washes away the bad taste of over 30 years of mediocre games based on Logan.

Silver Surfer: The NES game is hard as hell and underrated, but a new game, that wasn’t a side-scrolling shooter, could be amazing.

Superman: Is there one truly great Superman game out there? There should be.

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