I still remember how good Wreck it Ralph was, a cartoon which follows the journey of a villain from an old 1980’s arcade game that at the time in reality never actually existed. Well not until a real online, a mobile based game, a homebrew Sega Genesis emulated version, a Commodore Amiga and C64 version came about anyway! Well it’s the C64 version that is getting a mention today, as we have just found out that the 2020 hit game by Antonio Savona, Ste86, and Saul Cross has been updated with a very special 1.1 release!

Yes indeed if you enjoyed the game when it was released some time ago, or if you completely missed out. You’ll be pleased to know that the game has not only been updated with support for Easyflash, but a Hiscore save feature, different digi upon clearing a building, a game over digi, new character animations in the menu screen, some in-game graphics improvements, visual glitch fixes, and fixed flickering in the cutscenes on certain systems. So yes if you have a Commodore 64, now’s the time to play the update of Fix it Felix Jr!

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