While you can still play the awesome remade version of Frogger for the C64 called ‘ Frogger Arcade ‘ by Hokuto Force (Digital Monastery). There’s another version that’s now available for you to enjoy, and it’s RMJ & JoeJoe’s latest project of Frogger for the Commodore Amiga. A new version of the game which the creator says “is a 1:1 arcade port using of course the original Z80 code that he reverse-engineered & transcoded to 68000”. To coincide with this news, we have some footage of the game that can be viewed below.

Here is what the creator says via the itch io page. “Frogger is a one or two player game in which players move their frog from the bottom to the top of the screen. This is achieved by overcoming a number of hazards without getting run over or drowned. The first half of the screen is a bi-directional flow of traffic including buses, cars and race cars. Players must avoid these vehicles. Frogs can move safely with the flow of traffic to make their way to the second half of the screen which consists of a river with fast moving logs and sinkable turtles. Frogs must hop on the backs of the logs and the sinkable turtles to get to the home base at the top of the screen. At random times throughout the game play a lady frog will appear on a log”.

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