Arcade Shooters we just love ’em! From Galaga to 1942, to Xenon and even Swiv. But there’s one Shoot ’em up that caught our eye this month, and that’s the latest release of ‘ Galastrad ‘ for the Amstrad CPC and GX4000. As in the words of the website “GAME RELEASE AVAILABLE. GALAGA-Like SHMUP Game for the Amstrad CPC 464 / 664 / 6128 and GX4000, old-school design for memories”. To coincide with this news, Saberman has provided us with a video showing some of the waves of enemies found in the game.


Commander YEAGER, Embark on your interstellar ship and cross the 25 levels to destroy all the forces of Galaga! Defeat Galaga and restore the peace in the Galaxy Téssera! The team behind the game is as follows : Code ASM & AGD / Quick Intro / SFX : Cyrille “Ayor61” Gouret (GGP), GFX : Maitre Joe GGP Chiptune, Musics : SuTeKH / EpyteoR ( 1 intro/ 1 overscan/ 1 Selection Menu / 1 Final Completed Game), Overscan loading screen : SA GGP and finally, Second Intro screen Original Artwork ( Galaga enemy ): Sixty Von Stucka.
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