We here at Old School Gamer are all about preserving gaming history, so take a look at five games that changed video games forever, that no one talks about anymore. Find them and play them!

Parappa the Rapper: Could you imagine the rhythm genre without this one? From the fun story to great original tunes, it absolutely planted the seeds for the DDR, Rock Band and Guitar Hero fads that followed.

Alone in the Dark: One of the very first survival horror games that truly scared you- this game deserves so much more love.

Keystone Kapers: There were platformer games before this one, but this one had and still has one of the best feeling jumps ever. It deserves a comeback!

Kings Bounty: The game that advanced the Might and Magic series immensely, its sequels on the Switch are fun, but they lack the fun of the original.

Bowling: One of the first great sports games on any console, the 2600 version was a blast. It would be great to see another one.

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