The MSX community are certainly no strangers to quality releases on the MSX especially with great games such as Westen House and The Fall of Prometheus. Well today’s news is equally special for the MSX community, as we’ve recently found out through Facebook, that you can pre-order Physical Dreams awesome looking Arcade game of ‘Gelatino 2’ ; An upcoming game which has plenty of colourful screens as you try to rescue 45 imprisoned bubbles spread throughout many of the challenging levels.

Video Link for Mobile Users

While a work in progress video has been teased above, Gelatino 2 which is available for pre-order priced at € 28 ex shipping, will not only feature colourful graphics, but also light effects, secret doors, dangerous traps, a very swinging PSG soundtrack, multiple characters as a cross over from other Physical Dream games, 45 bubbles to be rescued, 8 secret objects to find and finally all of this playable in either English, Spanish, Italian, or French languages!

Links :1) Source 2) Facebook 3) Pre-Order

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