After selling through their beta version product, indie game designer
Steve Sekula and his team are set to launch the First Edition of the trading card game Gem
Blenders this March via Kickstarter. In a game of Gem Blenders, players mix and match gems to
power up a team of heroes into unique and powerful transformations called “blends.”
Throughout a game, the field becomes more colorful and diverse with each player putting
together their own puzzle of gems and blends, creating more and more powerful heroes until
one player emerges victorious.


A passion project and love letter to TCGs, Gem Blenders has been quietly growing a
community of devoted players and collectors since 2018. The upcoming Kickstarter is designed
to introduce Gem Blenders as a full trading card game, featuring booster boxes, holofoil cards,
full art card templates and more. “Steve is a visionary,” says long time collaborator and
teammate David Wurtele, “He stays true to his art through everything he does. It’s impossible to
play Gem Blenders and not feel the soul and depth that come from years of artistry.” Having
graduated from Swarthmore with a degree in Art and a minor in Computer Science, Sekula has
worked to blend his passions – from designing all the characters and lore of the entirely original
IP to crafting innovative game mechanics that offer a new perspective in the nearly 30 year old
TCG genre.
Steve and his team hope to use this Kickstarter as a springboard to launch Gem
Blenders into wider distribution, with plans for organized play and regular expansion sets. In
support of the campaign, you can meet the team at upcoming conventions including
Collect-A-Con Orlando, PAX East, and GAMA. More information can be found at


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