Retroworks are a group of very talented European programmers who make some excellent games for some of our favourite retro computers including the Spectrum, Msx and Amstrad cpc. The Arcade Shoot ’em up ‘Genesis’ for the ZX Spectrum 128k is certainly no exception! A game which sees you traversing lots of challenging levels, while blasting away many waves of enemies, and even an end of level boss. To coincide with this news, Saberman has provided a video of the game which was released some time ago… Just not featured here until today.

Here’s the latest from the website. “Your mission is quite simple: kill as many enemies as possible, while trying to stay alive. First, you must escape from Earth, to visit five planets and get a part of the Genesis on each one. Once you have successfully assembled the spaceship, you will use it to get back to Earth and free us from the Dork menace”.


  • Idea and code: utopian
  • Graphics: sejuan, anjuel, pagantipaco
  • Music, sound effects, player: WYZ
  • Betatesting: tbrazil, Ivanzx, Metalbrain and the rest of the RetroWorks team.
  • Additional MSX version testing: Guillian and Fran_Friki
  • Intro music (+3 version): Riskej
  • Dedicated to Rafa. I hope someday you will play this game and have some fun with it.
  • Also dedicated to the loving memory of Johnatan “Joffa” Smith. I hope this is good enough to be worth your time, wherever you are.
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