If you have a MSX and looking for something new to play on this rather bleak and wet Thursday, then we have just been contacted by both ArnaudDeKlerk and Saberman, that Paxanga Software has made available the exploration puzzle game of ‘Godzilla Balls’: A new MSX game in which you have to traverse lots of different levels, while also collecting balls and avoiding nasty enemies scattered throughout. To coincide with this news, we’ve got a new gameplay video from the game as well as a screenshot for those of you who don’t always like pressing play at work ;).

Here’s the latest from the website. “This is an puzzle/exploration/action game for any MSX computer with at least 16Kb of RAM. Help Godzilla and Gamera to escape the evil Dr. Shorizawa’s trap. Make both kaiju cooperate to help themselves. Retrieve all the balls and be free (and big, very big!) again!! A physical edition of this game might be released under pre-order later this year, to keep celebrating the wonderful 70th Anniversary of Godzilla”.

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