In 1989 Sega released the incredible side scrolling, beat ’em up, hack and slash fighter for the Arcades and for the Mega Drive/Genesis. It involved lots of weapon swiping against enemies and big bosses, riding mythical beasts, different levels, picking up potions, calling forth great power and giving the player the choice of a multitude of different characters. It just had to be the amazing ‘ Golden Axe ‘; a game which was also ported to other home systems such as DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad, C64, SMS, and ZX Spectrum.


In fact it’s the Sega Master System version we are talking about today, as a creator by the name of xfixium has not only decided to replace the Ax Battler (Tarik) character with Tyris Flare, but the entire game has been given a new look with brand new graphics of which can be seen in the comparisons above (old/new). While the creator is still working on the changes, as of late last year you could still download the Release candidate 1 patch, which in itself is a Sega Master System ROM hack for the original Golden Axe game. (An alternate palette version that slogra suggested is also available)
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