Trawling through the latest itch io updates for new retro games to play, and we’ve just found out, that Psytronik Software in association with ICON64, have released the new Commodore 64 game of ‘Good Kniight’.A high quality and enjoyable game in which you must help Sir Darran in his quest to rescue the fair princess from Embers the dragon. To coincide with this news, if this sounds like something you’d enjoy playing, then make sure to check out the latest footage provided by Saberman below.


Here’s the latest from the website. “The great green dragon Embers has kidnapped the princess and the king is most upset with the situation. He has called upon Sir Darren of Durham, also known as the Good Kniight to set forth and rescue his daughter. With a stomach full of marmite on crumpets and 2 cups of tea Sir Darren sets out on this grand and blummin’ scary adventure”.
  • · 40 x screens (+ bonus screens) to negotiate.
  • · Nifty Kniight animation.
  • · Multiple hazards to avoid.
  • · Retro style arcade ACTION.
  • · The C64 Mini / Maxi compatible.
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