Green Beret was an action arcade game released by Konami in 1985. It is remembered for its Cold War setting and its reliance on the player using mainly a knife to dispatch enemies, although you were able to collect many different weapons including a flame thrower to cause maximum damage. So why is this game getting another mention on IRN? Well thanks to Saberman letting us know, we’ve been told Dante Mendes has released an update to his Arcade(like) conversion of Green Beret which was recently released for the Amiga using Earok’s Scorpion Engine.

Yes indeed thanks to another heads up through our Facebook page, we have learnt that if you previously enjoyed the hot news story of Green Beret being made available for the Amiga with code by Dante Mendes, and a great rendition of the NES Rush’n Attack OST created by the talented DJ METUNE (Martin Eriksson. The game now features an improved hit box such as the instant knife attack like C64/NES, improved jump mechanics with the character being able to jump from truck to truck in stage 1, a 2 second addition to help with the truck boss, slower enemy mortar bombs and more.

NOT COVERED YET:  many music tracks missing (Stage Clear, Game Over etc).  And stages to end abruptly. A new musician has joined and there’ll be news regarding this soon.

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