When Knights of Bytes released Sam’s Journey for the Commodore 64 back in 2017 it was a huge hit! Indie Retro News awarded Sam’s Journey game of the year 2017 as this game really surpassed all our expectations, delivering us a huge epic adventure that really pushed the limitations of the C64. Well it’s the NES’s turn to be a part of this incredible gaming experience, as we have been informed by Knights of Bytes, that this amazing game originally for the C64, is now available for Pre-order for the NES!

Although I’ll always have a soft spot for the C64 version which people thought was an April fools all those years ago :p. In regards to the NES version however! We have been told it will feature lots of huge levels to explore, hidden items to be found, incredible smooth scrolling graphics, special abilities and much much more that might make this game another hit but instead for the NES! Although the creator has also said “There’s also a Famicom Edition , so you can play Sam’s Journey on your Famicom without an adapter!”

Edition Contents :

  • Shrink-Wrapped Cardboard Box
  • Game Cartridge (either PAL or NTSC)¹ With Dust Sleeve
  • Beautifully-Designed Manual
  • World Map Of The Game (all in-game maps merged into one)
  • Treasure Chest Themed Distance Piece
  • Sachet With Diamonds From The Game
  • Seven Sam Costume Cards
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