A new Commodore 64 homebrew has surfaced which may appeal to those of you who like a challenge, as D.Rejment has released the Commodore 64 game of ‘Hermanos’. A game in which the creator says you have to guide Hermanos through 20 levels and collect the gold scattered around each of the many levels found in the game. To coincide with this news story, Saberman has provided a video of the game which can be viewed below.

Here’s the latest from the NFO file which goes into further detail of how to play the game. “Hermanos cannot jump or climb. He just can warp himself with the warp positions in the levels. These flickering places let him climb or move down one or more stages. This depends on the difficulty of the levels. Hermanos has to reach the end hole of the current level to the reach the next one. Game control is played via joystick in port 2 and warp positions can be used with the fire button. Good luck you’ve only got 250 seconds per level”

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