LOS ANGELES – Hyperkin, a Los Angeles-based gaming hardware developer has announced their project, previously known as the RetroN Jr., is now called the RetroN Sq (pronounced S.Q.). The console gets its name from its square-like appearance. Revealed in January at CES, the RetroN Sq is a home gaming console compatible with Game Boy® and Game Boy Color® cartridges.

Compatibility with Game Boy Advance® cartridges will be a beta feature. Hyperkin has revealed its core features, which may be subject to change before launch.




Feature List:

• Compatible with Game Boy® and Game Boy Color® cartridges via open source software. Compatibility with Game Boy Advance® cartridges will be a beta feature

• Upscales to 720p at 60 FPS HD with 4:3/16:9 Aspect Ratio Button • 1 x Wired USB “Scout” Controller • Included memory card slot for firmware updates

• 3 ft. HD Cable

• 6 ft. Type C cable with AC adapter

The RetroN Sq is part of a series of HD home consoles that Hyperkin released after their milestone multi-console, the RetroN 5. The series includes the RetroN 1 HD, SupaRetroN HD, MegaRetroN HD, RetroN 77, Retron 2 HD, and RetroN 3 HD. The RetroN Sq will come in two color schemes: BlackGold and Hyper Beach. More information on the RetroN Sq is coming soon, including final features list and official launch date.


For more information, visit https://hyperkin.com/

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