Accessory maker Hyperkin just got everyone’s hopes up regarding a follow-up to the Sega Dreamcast – only then to proclaim that, if it got the chance, it would love to make the console happen.

The original Dreamcast was Sega’s final foray into the world of home consoles, and despite selling worse than the Mega Drive and Saturn, it remains a firm favourite with fans – fans who would love to see a Dreamcast 2.

In a cheeky tweet, Hyperkin – which makes emulation devices as well as controllers for vintage systems – posted a mock-up of the Dreamcast 2 pad:

It was quick to point out that it wasn’t real, but then stated that “if sega gave us the blessing to make a dreamcast 2, [it] would be a – no pun intended – dream.”

Would you like to see a Dreamcast 2 from Hyperkin? How do you think it would work, being made by another firm? What games would be on it? Could this be a not-so-subtle way of Hyperkin building up to a Dreamcast Mini announcement? All bets are off!




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