I am a huge fan of the R-Type games. Weather it in the arcade or on a console such as the Sega Master System. These games are super fun and difficult at the same time. R-Type LEO is a really good part of the series. It really shows how good the graphics are and the sound is amazing.

in R-Type LEO, players take control of the titular space fighter to travel the man-made mechanical planet Eden and destroy its supercomputer core Major.

This game is a bit different than the games before it. The most notable change is the removal of the Force, a shield item from previous installments that also acted as an additional source of firepower.

The power ups in the game make the ship weapons really powerful such as lasers and missiles.

The iiRcade does a great job porting this game in the machine. It really gives a true arcade feel and sounds amazing.




For more information on iiRcade , go to https://www.iircade.com/


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