It’s Halloween time and its only fitting to add another Halloween themed game to the iiRcade. This one is a perfect game to challenge and excite the iiRcade family. “Once Upon a Time on Halloween” is a “Cuphead style gameplay with Halloween themed levels. The black and white graphics and design create the ultimate spooky Halloween feeling that draws the gamer to keep playing.

The controls are simple. You can move your character right and left, but on some levels up and down as well. The first level of the game is a Tapper style level where you need to move up and down different paths to kill the ghosts and retrieve the extra items. Some level you can fly a ship and move around the level to shoot the enemy.

The Boss level are most challenging. It will take a lot of patience and skill to beat the boss levels without losing a life or two. Just know that you are enduring damage when you hit them, it just takes a little time.

You can’t review this game without mentioning the brilliant music and sound of “Once Upon a Time on Halloween”. The designers of the game really did wonders to the sounds of the game and music that goes along with each level.

The addition to a high score learerboard is always a plus on the iiRcade. I can see this game being very competitive on Halloween and beyond. What is also great is that the game is easy to pick up and play so any age can play this and get better each time they play. Also available on the Nintendo Switch, this game is really only played at its fullest on the iiRcade. You will need that iiRcade sounds and experience to really love enjoy the game At a $7.99 purchase price, you can’t go wrong getting this game and filling your iiRcade competitive needs.

Highlights on iiRcade:
– 5 different arcade gameplay genres all in one
– Twin-Stick pour option in fitting levels
– 5 boss fights
– 10 stages
– Global Leaderboards

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