Striker 1945 – Psikyo

Released in 1995, this game pretty much flew in under the radar but had several sequels to follow. This game follows the traditional top-down shooters of the 80’s, with a lot stronger graphics and music to get your hands pumping and shaking while you are playing. As you are flying through the levels, you collect power-ups that make you able to flip the plane to avoid bullets. The best way to describe this is a more modern version of 1943.

Shadow Dancer 1989 – Sega

The sequel to the classic side-scrolling Shinobi, Shadow Dancer takes place 20 years after the original game. You play as a young ninja Hayate and you are with your pet dog Yamato. You are journeying through the stages to fight the “Asian Dawn” and collecting power ups as you progress. Just like the first game, there are also bonus stages as you progress that test your skills. This was one game that I never did get a chance to play, but as much as I played Shinobi, I am sure I won’t be disappointed by this.


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