2022 – Happy Holidays everyone!  iiRcade has added yet another fun Christmas themed game to the iiRcade. CLUASCRAFT is a fun fast paced game of retrieving presents and dropping them off to the funnel that sends the gifts to the workshop. The game, made by InCiti GAMES, has leaderboards that keep the competition fresh and wanting to play more.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You can choose your level of difficulty by the amount of presents per round.  You can choose from 5 ,10 or 20.  Each present has 20 seconds to be picked up and dropped in the funnel or you will lose 500 points each time. Once you grab the gift, you will have bonus points that count down pretty quickly and give you the mount left when the present is dropped off. The faster you drop it off the more points you will receive. Once all the presents are dropped of the round is over and you will go to the next one.

The first few levels offer a way to gather points and get used to the game. After that the net rounds will offer cannons that shoot at the Santa as well as obstacles that can get in your way.

I really enjoy the music of the game, however, i do wish it would change from time to time. The same music each level sometimes gets repetitive. Overall, this is must have game, even not around the holidays. It can be played all year long.


Todd Friedman Todd Friedman (386 Posts)

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