The fighting game you get free with your iiRcade cabinet is Dragon Fighter. The original arcade machine came out in 1994 and published by UNiCO Electronics. This game reminds me of the Street Fighter game in terms of graphics and game play.

Travel around the globe and fight in a tournament to the finish. With iiRcade you can play against a family member or friend. This is one of the games on the iiRcade that can utilize all the buttons. You can do combos and special attacks if you get the correct button patter. Each Character is different. There are also boss characters named Dynamo, Mozard and Garner.

You can choose from these characters who each have a different skill and style:

Klaus Garcia, Gloria, Dark Man, Baekun Dosa, Jackie, Jedi Ryan, Deliza, Joey

The fights are best of three. After defeating the playable fighters, three non-playable boss character have to be beaten. Under certain conditions a bonus level follows were you have to destroy as many objects as possible before the time runs out to increase your score.

I am glad this game came with the iiRcade because it gives you the multiplayer fighting game that most gmers want to play with someone when they first see the iiRcade. The controls are pretty easy to get used to and finding the right character fr you is always fun with practice.

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