There is a game out there that will combine all your retro love of RPG games into one package. Evoland is a beautiful walk down memory lane using old school visions from games like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. The game is more like a instruction manual on what happens during RPG games as well as incorporating a storyline unique for this specific game. iiRcade really hit a Home Run getting this title for the platform. This game can be enjoyed by all ages. If you have never played an RPG game before, it still will capture your attention with the 8-bit sights and sounds all the way up to HD technology.

This game came out in 2013 for Microsoft Windows. A French video game development team created this masterful title. In 2015 it was brought the android phone technology. You can now get the game on the PC with Steam, but to be honest, the idea of playing this game on a stand up arcade machine is pretty cool.  It really bumps up the enjoyability in my opinion.

The controls of the iiRcade with this game work very well.  The 8 directional movement is pretty seamless as you are walking around and fighting the monsters on the map view. The buttons for the sword and attack are easy to pickup on.

The fighting in the game combines the typical overhead view as in Zelda and also the side by side fighting view as in Final Fantasy. The mixture of the different ways of battling enemies is what makes the game fun. Its not always the typical same fighting tactics the whole game, It changes around. The game looks beautiful on the iiRcade machine. Its colors really magnify the screen while your playing.


During the game itself, gamers can find hidden stars and cards that are scattered around the game world, Once you receive all the cards you can play a bonus collectible card game.

I am still playing through the game as I am writing this, so I can’t give a good final summary of the full game, but if it is as good or better than the time I have played so far, this game is a 10 out of 10.

Evoland is sold on the iiRcade for only $9.99. Once you finish the game, there is a sequel. You can purchase Evoland 2 for $14.99. I will do a review on that once I finish this one and play number 2.

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