Gunforce is a side-scrolling action shooting game produced by Irem for the arcades in 1991. This shoot em up game is perfect for the iiRcade hardware. It gives the true arcade feel as if you owned the game from the 1990’s. GunForce is a multi-national army assembled to stop an alien invasion.┬áThe graphics, sound and gameplay on the iiRcade is identical to the arcade version.

A lot of gamers ask me if Contra is on the iiRcade. Maybe in time, but for now this is the closest thing that comes to the Contra style gameplay. Playing this game with two players is almost a must as the difficulty of this game get pretty intense.

Later in the 1990’s the Super Nintendo came out with a version of this arcade classic. I still love the arcade feel of this game instead of the console version.

The player controls his weapon that fires rapid-fire bullets. Each direction it shoots can be directed towards the player. Players may find motorcycles to speed across enemy territory faster in addition to helicopters and cable cars.

After scoring over any high score, whether they win or lose, the gamer can be eligible for the global leader boards that iiRcade provides for a lot of the games in the library. Be prepared, the scores on this game are super high but it gives the new players incentive to keep playing and breaking records. When you have conquered the game and got the high score you are happy with, you can always purchase Gunforce II from the app library. The sequel is just as good if not better than the this one.


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