Wow. What a fantastic looking shoot ’em up game for the iiRcade. Also available on the Nintendo Switch, Knights and Guns is a lot more fin on an arcade style platform and the iiRcade handles it perfectly. The appreciation of details and sound are amazing on this platform game. The amount of game-play exceeds my expectation as there are over 150 levels of play. That is just the campaign mode. Then there is the endless mode where you can play to collect coins to use on the campaign. You’ll take control of a gun-wielding knight and can fight solo or alongside a friend in co-op against demons, ghouls and ghosts.

My first impression when I saw it coming out was that it would be boring as all you do is shoot up. There are no angle shooting or no jumping on a platform to shoot down, just always up. But once you play, you can see that it is easy to learn but difficult to master. Each enemy comes at you at different angles, sizes and weapons. It takes much practice to master each level. The sound of the game is amazing and the speakers on the iiRcade fit this need well.  Emphasis on story complete with well-drawn comic book art panels and voice acting. There is a lot of replay ability with the expanding tile-based campaign map

Inspired by the classics, developed for the modern audiences.The entire game is designed for both single player or co-op multiplayer. The different style of maps make the game change each time you play. Play on small, big and narrow maps. Use shotguns, lasers and the power of chivalry to overcome every obstacle. Check out all the awesome suits of armor, Who knows – if you’re thorough enough you might even discover the history of the kingdom itself, long lost to the scholars of the realm.

I have played this game for many hours and always seem excited to start again. Each time you play is a whole new experience of game-play and your adventure is fun to follow to be able to conquer the world. This game is $14.99 on the iiRcade Game Store and well worth every penny. This is a mist have in the library of games.

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