I have waited a while for the iiRcade to have a golf game on it. This one is a pretty good start. There are many aspects of the game I wish were different, but I am sure there will be updates to help with those.

Major Title 2 is an arcade-style golf simulation. The game is presented in a mixed perspective. The pre-shot perspective is a standard third-person view from just behind the golfer, but once the ball is hit, the view switches to a top-down perspective to track the ball in flight. Instead of setting the power and controlling the shot, the only function of the vertically oriented swing meter is to select the vertical angle of the shot

There are 2 courses as of now to choose from as well as 4 golfers with different attributes (power hitter, all-round player, technician, and magician). There is a career stats option where you put in your initials and birthday.  If you play 18 holes, the stats will update. However, as of this article, the feature does not work. I know iiRcade can fix that. The greens are very tricky as the slopes look like a mini gold hole sometimes. Very hard to read but if you do it right it is an exciting way to make the putt.

If you want a pretty basic fun golf game to hold off until a possible trackball game one day, then this one will be perfect for the sports library.




For more information on iiRcade, go to https://www.iircade.com/




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