Whoa. What a cool looking game. Taking the comic book story lines to beat em’ up action is a perfect combination in my opinion. The color and detail on this game are perfect. It was really well done when it was designed and looks and sounds perfect on the iiRcade. This is a true arcade like platform game that has multiple ways of creating story lines.  The game offers a unique experience that you can tackle solo or as co-op with friends while defining the next step in the story with your choices.

You take control of Stronghold – a team of wise-cracking militaristic law enforcement agents. You are plunged into battle with a numerous amount of enemies that nicely combine the thug element with some fantastical magical specialties.

You have a choice of three characters to begin your journey. Each time you play a story or level you can choose a different character. All three characters have two variations of their attacks. One which will attack in the way they are facing, and another that will hit from all sides.

There are two modes, arcade and  Campaign mode. You must begin with the Campaign mode. Once you go through the Campaign, and sample all of the endings, you can tackle the game in arcade form.

The soundtrack is rock-heavy and really gets pumping while you smash the enemies. The boss characters on each level really test your skills and patience to beat them. If you lose all your lives before you beat the boss, you must start the chapter all over again. Sometime that is frustrating but it makes the strategy of your moments better each time you play.

This game is a must have for the iiRcade as it will give you enjoyment and fun with solo play or with a friend or family member.

for more information on the iiRcade go to https://www.iircade.com/



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