Space Invaders, Galaga, Time Pilot. These games are what most people envision when wanting to play a retro shooting game. One ship shooting a few guys that come down to attack. This is NOT that game! This is the most action packed shooting game I have ever played and it never lets up. From the time you press start and the game begins, its all hands on deck and the concentration kicks in.

Rangok Skies is scrolling arcade shooter that was inspired by the genre classics, such as DoDonPachi, Gunbird, and Strikers 1945. there are four different characters, each with their own unique ship, weapons, bombs, and story endings.One cool feature is if you hold down the fire button you will slow your ship and enable more precise movements. There are mega bombs to Inflict screen-clearing devastation, perfect for tight situations.

A super cool feature is that the iiRcade has online Leaderboards: it shows which leaderboard you’re ranked on – Terminators, Masters, Heroes, or Babies which are determined by lives lost, continues used, and score. This keeps the players playing and wanting to get higher scores each time. You can also do Local Co-op Mode: Play with a friend and defeat Lord Rangok together.

Another must have game that dispalys the power and quality of the iiRcade machine. You will not be disappointed with this shooting game, as there are many shooters to choose from on the iiRcade.

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