Published by Electronica Video games, this game originally came out in 1995 for the Arcade. The baby character must collect all dots from the board and avoid enemies and even deadly skulls. Th trick of this game is to make use of the min doors, that when pushed can change the direction of the maze and help escape the enemies chasing after you. Sometimes though, it goes to their favor as you can trap yourself in and have no escape.

The game has a different level each time which makes for an exciting game where you need to pass each level to see what is next. The music in the game is very, well, repetitive and sometimes can be distracting, and the addition of a crying baby sound randomly being played makes this game even more challenging with those distractions.
t is addicting to play as each level is more challenging and makes you want to play even more. On the iiRcade it comes with the package of the 11 free games loaded on the machine. It is not the first game people go to when they first power up the machine, but it is not the last. It is a lot of fun once you start playing and challenges you time you play.

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