The Game Boy was released in Japan by Nintendo in early 1989, followed by a US release later that year, and a European release in 1990. In the US it competed with the Sega Game Gear (1990/1991) and Atari Lynx (1989/1990), both of which offered color backlit screens to the non-backlit grayscale display of the Game Boy. Coming along in 1998 – nearly 10 years later – the Game Boy Color brought a color display, but still not a backlit one. While the changes were few, that choice had the advantage of allowing full backwards compatibility with the existing Game Boy library, arguably part of its commercial success. The line was only discontinued in 2003…

A list of recommended additional tools for designing tiles/sprites, maps, and sound/music and GBDK- 2020 itself can be found on GitHub at github.com/gbdk-2020/gbdk- 2020

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