Light gun games get no love today, but with the popularization of games the likes of Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Gumshoe and Hogan’s Alley in the 1980s, Nintendo proved they could be big sellers on the console market if done right. In the arcades, however, they were always popular. Even into the mid-90s, as the arcade began to wane in popularity in the US, games such as Area 51 from Atari and Konami’s Lethal Enforcers were huge money makers during their day and served their audience well. During this same time period, however, Midway Games was able to take the formula that made arcade shooters successful to an entirely different level by bringing story elements and a reputable license to
the table.

Following their success with a shooter based on James Cameron’s massive film hit Terminator 2, Midway went
in a somewhat different direction, even if it wasn’t…….

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