Thanks to another heads up from Saberman,  he has told us that Coagulus has made available an early build preview of his/her work in progress Shoot-em-up for the Amiga called ‘JetHuntERS’. A game that the developer says isn’t just a sequel to JetHunt, but also a partial tribute to the game Zybex which came out on 8-bit computers in the 1980’s. To coincide with this news, we’ve got some new footage of the game as well as some further info posted via the EAB forums below.

And here’s the latest from the creator. “Hi all, Have had a terrible time with computers the last couple of years. Laptop died. Moved to Pimiga. Then to an old laptop which then died too. Then built a new PC and suffered 2 hard drive deaths. Lost over a year of code. But thanks to earlier backups that were found I’ve got JetHunt 2 : JetHuntERS to a preview stage at least. It’s buggy (especially my firing routines which I need to rewrite) and there’s only one level in the preview but it’s 1 or 2 players. Should run on non-AGA unlike JetHunt although I think it needs at least 1MB of CHIP RAM. This is the first disk image I’ve tried of it. Will run from HD too though no assigns necessary”.

“Fingers crossed it works as I’m finally getting back into Amiga coding. Other things have been saved and I hope to get a rhythm going soon”….So watch this space!

Links :1) Discussion 2) Download (Save Link As)

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