If you remember the 1980’s game of ‘Karate Champ; An Arcade fighting game that was released in the Arcades and later the Apple II, C64, NES, Virtual Console, iOS via Data East, then you might like this latest Amiga news story we’ve come across on EAB. As Jotd has teased a brand new video for the work in progress Arcade like version ‘Karate Champ VS Amiga’ for yes you guessed it the Commodore Amiga. In light of this news, while you can view the video below, Jotd has also said no9 has joined the team with fine remade tunes for both the start and the end.

“The game can use 2 joysticks + keyboard. Or CD32 pads, where the buttons act as the second joystick. This is a 2 joystick 4 way (no diagonals) and it works very well – anon”.

Here is what the Wikipedia says about the game : “Karate Champ is a 1984 arcade fighting game developed by Technōs Japan and released by Data East. A variety of moves can be performed using the dual-joystick controls using a best-of-three matches format like later fighting games. The game was a commercial blockbuster where it was the highest-grossing arcade game of 1985 and the best-selling home computer game up until 1989. An updated version that allows two players the option to compete against each other was released in 1984 under the title Karate Champ — Player vs Player. It featured a multiplayer mode and more varied gameplay. It was released for the arcades shortly after the original during the same year, also published by Data East”.

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