This is not going to be a very long blog, but I was driving to Wendy’s for a Frosty and passed a Faraway grocery store that used to be an arcade and also used to be a Safeway.  But the Safeway part reminded me of a grocery store that I used to go to in Arizona when I visited my grandmother.  And that is where I was introduced to a really weird game called Flicky.  Dang, that was like Six Degrees of Pac-Man.  But anyway, some of the memories I have may introduce people to games that they have never heard of.

And this one was weird.  On an everyday basis for four or five days that I was there, I asked to go to the grocery store after dinner.  It was a four minute walk from where my grandmother lived.  Little did I know there was a huge arcade five minutes away from where my grandmother lived.  But thats another blog.  But back to Flicky.  This game was one of those “What The” games, but it was actually really cool!!

Basic premise of the game, you are a bird named Flicky and you are to jump around the platforms and collect little chicks and get them to the safe doorway/elevator/exit.  While you are doing this, you are trying to make a chain of chicks.  The more you collect at one time, the higher your bonus is.  In the meantime, there are cats running around trying break the chain and catch you.  But one thing you get to do is throw stuff at the cats to stop them too.  Like I said really weird game.

But it was just weird that not only do the memories of national monuments and themed parks and swimming pools spark memories of my childhood, but also, just going to get a Frosty at Wendy’s triggered a really strong memory.  I do want to point out that, my life wasn’t just about video games, but about many other things.  Although, I am kinda suspect when I went roller skating one time and I was playing Sinistar and a girl was asking me to skate with her and I didn’t. Hmmmm, did I miss something back then?  Probably, but the future is now and I am just going to……

Keep Calm and Insert Coin.

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